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hattrix Five Diamond Program

hattrix Five Diamond Program logo

The hattrix Five Diamond Program is the first of its kind. It’s designed to ensure that the highest security standards in the industry are instituted by our MSP (Managed Services Provider) partners for cloud-based access control. The program encapsulates our core values of diligence, commitment, integrity, excellence and security. These values are provided exclusively through our MSP partners.

Kantech has formed an alliance with two data centers in North America. They will provide tier 3 environments for the MSP’s hattrix infrastructure, which has been specifically designed for hattrix. This is the highest standard infrastructure available in the industry, ensuring excellence.

Kantech has formed an alliance with an independent partner for inspection and assessment of the Five Diamond Partners. The A&E community will be advised of Diamond rated MSPs who may qualify for special projects for which a Diamond rating is required. The A&E Alliance program brings diligence and integrity to the program.

The program is governed by the Five Diamond Committee; comprised of MSP principles that define and lead our industry. It’s a true partnership overseeing the program and ensuring that end user clients receive the highest standard of security available in the industry today. Two committee members are appointed per region in the United States (West, Central, East) and two in Canada.

Please submit the following information to learn more about the hattrix Five Diamond Program.

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