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Hattrix Hosted and Managed Access Control

Hattrix Hosted and Managed Access Control

Budgets are tight, skills are at a premium and network infrastructure is becoming more complex. All these can pose risks as well as inefficiencies for your customers. hattrix can help to overcome those challenges and close the gap through integrated security solutions and customizable managed services designed to meet the unique needs of any business. hattrix offers value to your customers and profitable growth for you as an MSP.

hattrix is Kantech's powerful cloud-based access control solution utilizing the industry renowned EntraPass security management software. Providing users with Hosted and Managed access control services, hattrix ensures customers get the solution that's just right for their specific business needs. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional security systems.

Business opportunities for you:

  • Profitable – Proven template for RMR
  • Immediate – No infrastructure needed
  • Certified MSPs are ready to work with you
  • Scalable – For any customer; from 2 doors to hundreds, single – or multi-site
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